Bob strives to bring a systems viewpoint to all aspects of the process, and ensures that clients are empowered with skills that they can use in future challenges. Even when we are seeking to promote change in an entire organization, we need to keep in mind that it is the people, with their own hopes, fears, values and beliefs, that will be responsible for initiating and affecting this change. To that end we need to ensure that we focus as much on developing a vision and a strategic plan, as we do on understanding who it is that will be implementing, or sometimes resisting, these plans.

Bob offers many levels of depth—one-time, yet comprehensive assistance in creating a mission statement, or more lengthy work to probe into the interior of the organization to help affect a more foundational change. When the task is more involved Bob tries to find a balance between becoming a virtual member of the community while also maintaining the role as the objective, outside advisor. This process demands working in relationship with one another, and he is dedicated to creating relationships full of integrity, creativity, humor, compassion and intellectual rigor.

Strategic Visioning Master

Empower individuals and organizations to develop a vision that stands the test of time and create a strategy for getting there. Guide individuals, government organizations, non-profits and businesses in the private sector in developing sustainable policies and programs based on more than 30 years of experience in that work.


Keynote/opening addresses, motivational talks and workshops. Topics include —

  • Characteristics of The New Paradigm: Are you in it or out of it?
  • Creating a Sustainable Future and Beyond
  • Why Strategic Visioning?


Support individuals and organizations through the process of determining what you really care about and how to get there.