“Bob has a wonderful ability, just by quiet sincerity, to get people to do good things they didn’t know they could do. I know him to be both visionary and practical. His talents in envisaging sustainable futures and realistic ways to get there, and in creating teams and processes well focused and highly motivated to achieve those goals, are quite exceptional. He is also honest, caring, profoundly dedicated, and a wonderful human being.”
—Amory B. Lovins, cofounder of the Rocky Mountain Institute

“This is new!”
—Kenneth Boulding, economist, author, visionary thinker and world-class renaissance person

“Bob Simmons is our Vision Master. He helps individuals and ‘corporate’ groups create a vision for themselves that inspires short and long-term success. His talents extend to—not only determining ‘where you want to go’—but also facilitating ‘how to get there.’”
—About Change Institute

“We could not have done any of this without you. You were the beginning of it all.”
—Susan Maxim, First Woman President of the American Institute of Architects

“Bob Simmons has played a crucial role in the creation of Learning for Living; he is an inspirational, deep, caring visionary!”
—Dorcas McDonald, Learning for Living Institute